"graceful, moving, and both dreary and dreamy. With layered guitars creating a hazy atmosphere with melancholy but not whiny vocals, it's all rather pleasant.the songs are meticulously created and easily
enjoyable." Shredding Paper

"The Great Depression has a sound uniquely all their own. Lush,ambient, and incredibly beautiful, at times they evoke Yo La Tengo in all their prettiness, or the atmospheres of Spiritualized. Especially on a track such as "Stainless," they demonstrate that all those hours of
listening to Eno and his ilk were not wasted." Ink 19

"Heaven is Becoming"

Their sense of satire and cultural critique is on par with Blur. Their
hypnotic, narcotic qualities have been likened to Spiritualized, and their dabbling with the better looking aspects of madness and the unknown are reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine.

$12.00 + $2.99 S&H

Track Titles
01. There, There
02. Used to be Luke
03. Expensive
04. Stainless
05. An Underwater Great
06. Get Well Soon
07. Lorraine Called, She Wants You to Work
08. So Wrong
09. Genius


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