"pens songs that stick around longer than their allotted 3 minutes.rocksolid!" Lukezine, London UK

"Well crafted pop songs and clever lyrics in the style of Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe" Minneapolis StarTribune

"The harmony-drenched album conjures aural spectres ranging from English garage gods T.Rex and Ray Davies to all-American pop balladeers Brian Wilson and Mark Eitzel." Twin Cities Pulse Weekly

Produced by Tom Herbers (Honeydogs, Low)

Mermaid on the Rocks (2004)

$12.00 + $2.99 S&H

Track Titles  
01. Mermaid on the Rocks
02. She Balances
03. Chocolate Bug
04. Darling Awake
05. Little Boat You Must Wander This World
06. Your Uniform
07. Bookworm
08. Mauritius
09. You Could Say That
10. I've Lost Lots of Things
11. Mermaid on the Rocks (Reprise)
12. Wooderson
"Crawling Tall "

Jim Walsh, Music Critic for the St. Paul Pioneer Press put "Crawling Tall" at the top of his list for "Local Records That Mattered To Me Most In 2001."

$12.00 + $2.99 S&H

Track Titles  
01. Messing With the In Between
02. Rope-A-Dope
03. When the Hammer Falls
04. Thursday Night Screamer
05. Dance Card
06. Pound of Misery
07. The Curse of the Incredible
08. Top of the Tank
09. Big Little Man
10. Parade Technique
11. Gentle Giant
12. Crawling Tall


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